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The essential sporting mind toolkit
Paperback book, Audiobook & kindle ebook

The Essential Sporting Mind Toolkit will help you develop the sports performance mind skills for mental toughness, to optimise performance and fulfil your true potential.Even the most talented, fit and dedicated athletes fall short on training their minds. Alice Pinion explains the most common areas all sports people struggle with and simply shows how to fix your thinking to reap the physical rewards.


This book is the result of over a decade of tuning the minds of 1000’s of real people one by one who all wanted to maximise performance. It’s compiled for those who coach, self coach, teach, or parent sports people from all disciplines and at all levels.


This book will show you simply how to thrive on pressure; develop rock solid confidence; get more out of your physical efforts than ever; set motivating goals effectively; positively process performance to progress like never before; develop a Champion Winning Mindset for maximum enjoyment and best results. Alice Pinion is an experienced, respected mind coach and owner of Head First Sports Performance Mind Coaching and Head First Talking Therapy working with all levels and backgrounds of sports people from club athletes to World Champions Worldwide online or from her Essex based clinic.

about the author

Alice Pinion of Head First Sports Performance Mind Coaching has over a decade of successful experience in therapy and mind coaching. Alice Pinion was quoted as one of the top 10 therapists in the UK in the Huffington Post in 2014. Working as a sport psychologist with all levels of sports people from diverse disciplines such as Motorsport, shooting, triathlon, running, swimming, cycling, cricket, football, diving, martial arts, golf, ice skating and darts (amongst others). She treats a whole persons’ thinking systems as well as applied mind skills specifically to improve sporting performance. In addition to working one to one with many sporting individuals (most bound by confidentiality hence not named in this book) Alice teaches mind coaching skills to the talented coaches across the country for England Athletics and Active Essex.
 Personally (when not working) Alice indulges herself in long distance open water swimming and exploring the great outdoors as much as possible.

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