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ABOUT alice pinion


Alice Pinion is an experienced full time professional mind coach, therapist and open water swimmer based in Essex. ​​

Feeding from a plethora of Psychological disciplines (Sport Psychology, Sport Hypnosis, Sports Mind Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Techniques) Alice tailors mind coaching to the individual. An initial free consultation is offered by phone, or face to face to discuss issues and formulate an action plan. One to one sessions are held from our Private Practice in Colchester Essex, or online via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or phone allowing athletes UK and Worldwide to be catered for. 

Alice works with all ages and levels of sports people from all disciplines for youth to veterans, weekend warriors to Olympians and professional sports people.

Alice is the author of The Essential Sporting Mind Toolkit: Sports Mind Coaching Basics (paperback and Kindle)

Relevant Qualifications/Memberships:

Sports Performance Coaching Diploma (Warwickshire school of Hypnosis)

Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (University of West Scotland)

Diploma in Hypnotherapy (IAPH)

Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy (IAPH)

Menopause 2.0 Next Level Training for Optimal Performance (Dr Stacy Sims)

Thrive consultant (Thrive Program)

Sivananda Yoga Teacher (Kerala India)

Advanced Yoga Therapist (California, US)

BSc. Hon’s Biochemistry (University of Warwick)

CNCH Member Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

Target Darts

head first is proud to provide sports mind coaching to Target darts elite 1 and pro players

Target Darts Elite 1

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