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Professional online Sports Mind Coaching that works.

Mental and performance training for all sports people, of all ages (youths to veterans), amateur and Pro-athletes and coaches.

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ABOUT Head First Sports Performance Mind Coaching

Fit? Practised? Eating well? Got all the gear and read all the books but feel you have more potential but are somehow holding yourself back?


If you suspect your peak performance problems are stemming from your mind, rather than your fitness then Head First Sports Performance Mind Coaching can help you to learn to sort them for good.

head first is proud to provide sports mind coaching to Target darts elite 1 and pro players

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Target Darts Elite 1

about Alice

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Alice Open water swimming Windermere One Way

alice Pinion

Essex based sports mind coach and therapist Alice Pinion is an experienced full time professional mind coach, therapist and ultra marathon open water swimmer. ​​

Feeding from a plethora of Psychological disciplines Alice tailors mind coaching to the individual. An initial free consultation is offered by phone, or video call to discuss issues and formulate an action plan. One to one sessions are held online via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or phone, or from our Private Practice in Colchester Essex. 

Alice works with all ages and levels of sports people from all disciplines - from youth to veterans, weekend warriors to Elite Olympians and professional sports people Worldwide.

Alice is the author of The Essential Sporting Mind Toolkit: Sports Mind Coaching Basics (paperback and Kindle)


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what others say

"Within the last 12 months I've really turned round my negative personality and self deprecation that ended up being a vicious circle of never being comfortable with losing, or in fact winning. Nothing was never good enough.
The support and exercises that you have given me really helped to the extent I don't even feel I need them now. I'm just being me...I've become much more accepting of defeat which means I'm able to just get on the table the next day and practice. This has led to more often than not winning deciding frames in matches. Being able to remain calm and confident in last frames has resulted in me playing the best pool of my life and thinking of turning professional status (results dependent)."
national pool player

proud to be working with athletes from...

the book

The Essential Sporting Mind Toolkit will help you develop the sports performance mind skills for mental toughness, to optimise performance and fulfil your true potential.


Even the most talented, fit and dedicated athletes fall short on training their minds. Alice Pinion explains the most common areas all sports people struggle with and simply shows how to fix your thinking to reap the physical rewards. This book is the result of a decade of tuning the minds of 1000’s of real people one by one who all wanted to maximise performance.

It’s compiled for those who coach, self coach, teach, or parent sports people from all disciplines and at all levels. This book will show you simply how to: Thrive on pressure Develop rock solid confidence Get more out of your physical efforts than ever Set motivating goals effectively Positively process performance to progress like never before Develop a Champion Winning Mindset for maximum enjoyment and best results.

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